Past Projects

Pawesome has been helping animals since 2016. Every year our projects get bigger and we help more and more animals. Our goal is to provide total veterinary care to communities in need and shelters lacking funds. To date we have helped over 2,000 animals (mostly dogs and cats), and have provided many lifesaving veterinary treatments. Below is a summary of our Pawesome projects and the veterinary treatments we have given since our first project kicked off in 2016.



Ecuador: Pawesome volunteers joined forces with a local animal shelter and together we set up a mobile clinic to provide free veterinary care to the community and their animals. 200 animals were given free veterinary care. This clinic was a no cost spay and neuter campaign and offered additional extras such as vaccines, worming medication and flea and tick prevention.


Myanmar: To pull off this incredible project Pawesome rounded up 35 veterinary volunteers and over the course of three weeks provided exclusive care to one of Myanmar’s largest dog & cat shelters. This shelter looks after about 600 animals (mostly cats and dogs), all of whom were in need of spay/neuter plus other vet treatments such as limb amputations, wound care, contagious disease management, parasite control and cancer treatments.

Southern Thailand


Southern Thailand: Two weeks, two teams, two incredible beach destinations. Pawesome, with the help of a local animal shelter, took our skills to the streets and, aided by the local government, set up a mobile clinic to help the community and their pets. We provided care to over 500 cats and dogs most of whom received free spay/neuter and a rabies vaccine.

Northern Thailand

Northern Thailand: This smaller community based project in Northern Thailand saw over 100 dogs and cats receive veterinary treatments by Pawesome and our team of skilled volunteers.



Thailand: Four teams and four amazing week long community based projects saw over 550 dogs and cats receive free veterinary care. Teamed with a fantastic (and hardworking) dog and cat shelter, Pawesome’s vet volunteers visited temples and made sure each of the animal residents living on site were spay/neutered and provided with a rabies vaccine.


Philippines: Our six week long Philippine project was based exclusively at a shelter with over 250 animals. While many of the dogs and cats here did not require spay/neuter we still performed 65 surgical procedures. Additionally each patient had a vet check and full health exam; most of them required some sort of veterinary follow up such as wound care, grooming, parasite control or sexually transmitted disease management.



Philippines: For our first ever project we started small; one vet, one nurse and two dedicated assistants. We spent two weeks at a dog & cat shelter and provided as much medical care to the animal residents as we could – including 25 spay and neuters.