By joining one of our projects you are donating your time and skills to work directly with communities in need through a structured project. However, even volunteering comes at a cost, especially if you want to support long-term, meaningful projects where they’re needed most. This is why we charge a fee for our programs. While it may be cheaper to do it on your own, there are many benefits of volunteering through an organization like ours. It is difficult and time consuming to find projects to support in a foreign country that are safe, worthwhile, and reputable. When you join with Pawesome, you will receive travel and visa support, orientation, a safe place to live while at your destination, a supportive work environment, a safety net through our local contacts and professional full-time staff and logistical support. In short, you are paying for an option you can trust, an option that will ensure that your trip is worthwhile and an option that will make a positive and sustainable impact on the community you have chosen to serve.